Fields of Vision: The Arts In Sport Publication


Cover Photo: Jason Minsky

The publication Fields of Vision: The Arts in Sport resulting from the Conference is available here:

LSA No. 125 Fields of Vision: The Arts in Sport edited by Jonathan Long, Jim Parry, Doug Sandle and Karl Spracklen

The Fields of Vision one day conference on the arts and sport took place at Headingley Carnegie Stadium on the 30th November 2012. Convened by Leeds Rugby Arts (Leeds Rugby Foundation) in association with the Research Institute for Sport, Physical Activity and Leisure (RISPAL) at Leeds Metropolitan University, its initial aim was to bring together individuals and organisations from the arts, sport and culture with an interest in the historical, contemporary and future role of the arts in sport. Given the high profile involvement of culture and the arts with sport during the Cultural Olympiad (the four years leading up to the Games of the XXX Olympiad in London, 2012) it was envisaged that Fields of Vision would provide an apposite opportunity for sharing experience, discussing issues and establishing an impetus for future initiatives for the arts in sport. An associated Fields of Vision Arts Programme, supported by Arts Council England, was conceived to provide conference attendees and a wider public a more direct experience of the creative arts and their contemporary relationship to sport.

Fields of Vision, while also enabling arts practitioners to benefit from its opportunities for networking and professional development, led to twelve new works in visual art, poetry, performance and the production of a DVD of examples of contemporary art practice related to sport. With a conference that included academics, researchers, arts practitioners, cultural producers and policy-makers, Fields of Vision addressed professional practice in the context of history, theory and policy. In keeping with the traditions of the Leisure Studies Association, the conference brought together different constituents of leisure, in this case the arts and sports. Accordingly, several aspects of the nature of this relationship are exemplified by the papers selected for inclusion in this book; it is a relationship that encompasses, and has implications for, both theory and practice.


Editors’ Introduction
Jonathan Long, Jim Parry, Doug Sandle and Karl Spracklen

Every Stadium Should Have an Art Gallery
Doug Sandle

Performing Victory in Mexico City, San José and Martinique
Mike O’Mahony

The Thierry Henry Statue: A Hollow Icon?
Ffion Thomas and Chris Stride

Sex, Class and the Critique of Sport in Lindsay Anderson’s This Sporting Life
Tony Collins

From V to Y: Leeds United and Northern Realist Writers
Anthony Clavane

Opera Man and the Meeting of ‘Tastes’
Jonathan Long

The Sporting Image: Engaging Students and Staff in Creativity
Iain Adams and Clive Palmer

Movement Inside, Movement Outside: The Arts, Creativity and Sport
Julian Manley

Kick It Out: Art, Sport and Pedagogy
Nigel D. Morpeth

Extreme Exposures: The Practice and Narratives of Channel Swimming as a Methodology for the Creation of Contemporary Art
Lisa Stansbie

Jump and Draw: An Interdisciplinary Project Using Art and Sport to Create a Third Space of Learning in Primary School Education
Paul Digby and Liz Stirling

Create The Physical: imove and the Art of Human Movement
Tessa Gordziejko

Appendix: The Fields of Vision Arts Programme
Doug Sandle

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