Sport in the Arts: the Arts in Sport


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Join us in an AHRC funded research network.

Three one day seminars on aspects of the relationship between the arts and sport are to be held during 2016-17 as follows.


Manchester: Tuesday, June 28.                                                                                      

National Football Museum  

Participation and audiences.

Dr Beatriz Garcia (University of Liverpool)

Prof Lynn Froggett (University of Central Lancashire)

Dr Paul Widdop (Leeds Beckett University)


Bristol: Tuesday, September 6.                                                                                          

The Watershed

Aesthetics and representation.

Prof Stephen Mumford (University of Nottingham)

Jo Longhurst (Artist)

Dr Mike O’Mahony (University of Bristol)


Leeds: Monday, January 16                                                                                                          

The Pavilion, Headingley Carnegie Stadium

Well-being, social capital and cultural citizenship

Dr Andrew Miles (University of Manchester).

Dr Leila Jancovich (Leeds Beckett University)

Prof Franco Bianchini (University of Hull) & Prof Jonathan Long (Leeds Beckett University)


[A further theme, cutting across all three seminars, is how to redress the separation of the arts and sport at the level of national, regional and local policy-making].

**Free Places are available with standard travel cost provision. Priority will be given to attendees who can attend all three or at least two of the seminars**.

Check this website for further details or register on FIELDS-OF-VISION@JISCMAIL.AC.UK

The worlds of the arts and sport are commonly separated in academic study, research, professional practice and cultural policy, even though they both lie within the remit of a single department of Government (Department for Culture, Media and Sport). These three seminars will establish a more formal network of those interested in developing and promoting research, discourse and activities on the relationship between sport and the arts. The seminars will contribute to a special journal edition and a manifesto statement for which we shall invite contributions and arrive at a common declaration of principles and practice. A wide range of individuals and organisations will be invited to become signatories.

The ‘sports in the arts and arts in sport’ is a AHRC funded enterprise of Leeds Beckett University in partnership with Fields of Vision.



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