Sport in Arts, the Arts in Sport Seminar Series

The Arts and Humanities Research Council has awarded us a grant to establish a research network that will produce a declaration/manifesto on Sport in the Arts, the Arts in Sport.  We have now organised a seminar programme (see below) to help us move towards that goal and because of the role of the LGA we would like to invite you to send a representative to these events. 


This seminar series is designed to support our research network in:

  • examining critically the potential economic, social and cultural benefits from bringing together sport and the arts;
  • fostering collaboration and new work between researchers working in the fields of sport and the arts, across different   disciplines, in part also to begin to address a significant gap in existing research studies in this field;
  • drawing together academics, policy makers, professionals and practitioners working in the fields of sport and the arts and contributing to a shared understanding of synergies and benefits of co-operation.

Because we want the whole to be greater than the sum of its parts we are encouraging people to register for all three seminars, though recognise that not everyone will be able to make that commitment.  Because of that limited number of places, if, having registered, you find yourself unable to come to a seminar, please let us know as soon as possible so that your place can be reallocated, or alternatively arrange for one of your colleagues to attend in your stead.


Seminar Programme

Seminar 1. Participation and audiences, National Football Museum, Manchester, Tuesday 28th June, 2016. 11.00am – 16.30 

Dr Beatriz Garcia (University of Liverpool and Liverpool John Moores University) The Olympics changing participation practices and profiles.

Prof Lynn Froggett (University of Central Lancashire) Audience experience in art-sport: additive? interactive? transformative?

Dr Paul Widdop (Leeds Beckett University) Social stratification across two cultural fields: the juxtaposition of participation in sport and music domains.

To register:

(passw0rd: Sportartsport)


Seminar 2. Aesthetics and representation, The Watershed, Bristol, Tuesday 6th September, 2016. 11.00am – 16.30

Prof Stephen Mumford (University of Nottingham) The aesthetics of sport and the arts: competing and complementary.

Jo Longhurst (Artist) Other Spaces Brazil: an art & sport case study.

Dr Mike O’Mahony (University of Bristol) The art and artifice of sports photography.

To register:

(passw0rd: Sportartsport)


Seminar 3: Wellbeing, social capital and cultural citizenship, The Pavilion, Headingley Stadium, Kirkstall Lane, Leeds, Monday 16th January, 2017. 11.00am – 16.30

11.00 Coffee and registration

Dr Andrew Miles (University of Manchester) Sport, class and everyday/vernacular cultural capital 

Professor David Carless and Dr Kitrina Douglas (Leeds Beckett University) Wellbeing and recovery of military personnel through arts and sports interventions (Chair, Mike O’Mahony)

Prof Franco Bianchini (University of Hull) and Prof Jonathan Long (Leeds Beckett University) New directions in the arts and sport? Critiquing national strategies. (Chair, Mike O’Mahony)

16.30 Close



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